Monday 13 April 2015

Make do and make better

It's always lovely to hear from people who have been inspired by DMTV. This week Marilyn wrote to say how much fun she'd had making paper bowls after watching a recent video workshop. You may remember one of my bowls from the video.........

I confess I got a bit carried away with the spots!

But probably not as carried away as Marilyn who tells me she plans to make lots more than the eight she's shown me here - I love her enthusiasm!

So, the bowls were made from old envelopes and paper scraps while the decorative spots I added were the punched leftovers from the hanging devices of the talisman pockets.

Which in turn were made from old photos and scraps of original artwork. Just shows how I can never bear to throw anything away.

But my hoarding instincts are vindicated when old bits and pieces are just what're called for in a project! I get a lot of satisfaction from creating something out of next to nothing.

My latest recycling challenge comes in the form of these less than lovely pieces of wood. It's my own fault I suppose - I had mentioned to Laura how much I'd loved some paintings on driftwood I'd seen recently. It's dangerous to say anything like that to her because, quick as a flash, these wooden panels were thrust into my hand. The top one looks like an apprentice piece from someone learning to carve, the other two were salvaged from an Edwardian wardrobe door, all complete with dust and cobwebs as you can see. My task, should I wish to accept it, is to make something of beauty from each - we'll have to see what can be done!

Thanks for reading today - Love Linda x


  1. love the idea of using the circles for the decoration on the bowls and can't wait to see what you do with the wood panels. And well done to Marilyn, her bowls are amazing.

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