Saturday, 4 April 2015

Secrets and dreams

To all the lovely people out there who were kind enough to send messages for us to include in the Talisman pockets I would like to say a huge thank you. The messages were heartfelt and obviously sincere. We've had very personal expressions of hope for specific individuals, quotes from favourite poems, uplifting phrases to help people through difficult times and more general wishes for a kinder and safer world. I hope that expressing your hopes and dreams has had a cathartic effect and that you are pleased to be an important part of this work.

If you're wondering what's happened to the messages right now, here is the first batch. They've been handwritten onto red paper and the papers folded and closed with stitch so they will remain forever secret. As each is transcribed to paper the emails have been deleted so the secrets now only exist in their allotted pockets. It's been quite an emotional experience to read your thoughts and hopes. Although no one else will ever have the opportunity to see everything you've sent, just knowing these secret wishes exist will make a powerful contribution to the overall meaning of the exhibit. For us, it's also important to see that a trace of the black ink is visible through the paper.  It shows there are messages contained within but from the outside the words are illegible and the sentiments remain hidden. Secret and powerful but invisible - gives me goosebumps just to think about it!

The preparation of the messages might progress more quickly if the studio assistant had a better understanding of the process. Apparently rectangles aren't as creative as confetti - good job we have a plentiful supply of red paper.

On a less cerebral note, it's the weekend and time for our usual visit to the local market. Who'd have suspected when we left home this morning that we'd come home with this........?

Strange the things that tempt when all you planned for was a bit of fruit and veg! It's called a Kalimba and basically it's half a gourd with a flat wooden top and a few fingers of metal. He who gardens often demonstrates a taste for the exotic when it comes to musical instruments!

It was only fair that I deserved a treat too don't you think?  Couldn't resist this Irish pot!

Something about the drippy glaze reminds me so much of my sketchbook pages. Another small pleasure in a troubled world. Looking at the glorious colours makes me very happy.

Hope your weekend is filled with sunshine, positive thoughts and the odd self indulgence.

Love Linda x
PS There's till time to send in your contributions for the talisman pockets if you want to be included!


  1. I can only imagine the emotional roller coaster it must be to read all the messages. I thought of the Native American ritual of burning bound bunches of sage and releasing the dreams and thoughts into the wind. I try to do that each fall when I harvest and it is such a cleansing exercise. The studio helper is such a joy and still adorable as ever. I think the Easter Bunny did all right with its selections for you and He who gardens. Love the drippy glaze. My basket arrived via post with a beautiful book about wood sculpture by Emile Brzezinski. Now I want a pile of logs and a chainsaw. :) Wishing you all a beautiful Easter.

  2. Love your Irish bowl,reminds me of water washing over lichen covered rocks .
    And releasing all those message to the universe may help brighten a sad world.

  3. Love the Irish bowl, gorgeous colours.

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