Sunday 24 May 2015

Holiday, what holiday?

It's a long weekend here in the UK and I guess lots of people are enjoying the opportunity to be out and about. We never go anywhere on a public holiday because we prefer to avoid the crowds. Instead of taking a break we probably work even harder than usual. The garden is calling quite seriously at the moment and I'm writing this post with a twinge in my back after too much bending and kneeling today. Never mind, it'll mend and it is so satisfying to see some new veggies in the ground.

Here we've got spinach, beetroot and chard. I know they don't look like much at the moment but the plants will soon fill out. Pity we have to resort to the protective wire but rabbits are a constant problem. Much as I love to encourage wildlife in the garden I'd rather eat the produce than let them have it all.

Our broad beans are looking promising but we've no idea where that rogue purple one came from. Wonder if the beans will be purple too?

He who gardens always grows hundreds of marigolds. I think they're a bit vulgar but they do provide a colour hit when we plant them in the blue glazed pots. Just have to wait a bit longer for the risk of frost to pass.

As soon as we've got all the vegetables planted we'll deal with this lovely geranium. After all the exertions of the morning I've been wandering round the garden this afternoon looking for a space for this new purchase.

Ironically, a lot of the colour we have at the moment comes from things we haven't planted at all. Even when they've spread like this we're too soft hearted to pull the Forget-me-nots out until they've finished flowering and the Honesty will stay put till the seedheads form even though that purply pink clash with the red Acer really offends my eye!

This beautiful clematis is doing well this year. Pity it's in the hedge where no one sees it unless they go round the back of my workroom to turn the hoses on.

These favourite giant alliums are just on the point of opening. They'll soon look gorgeous in front of the dark Ligularia and will happily be just colourless seed heads by the time the orange and rust day lilies appear!

To relax after gardening I've been doing a bit of sketching. The shells and crabs we found on the beach at Aberdovey recently were perfect subjects to try out my new watercolour  pencils.

Who knew crabs were such complicated creatures? I made the drawings using a waterproof artist's pen then coloured them in with the pencils before adding a wash of water to blend the colours.

The Faber Castell pencils are described as ideal for older children but I don't know why they should have all the fun - they worked well for me too!

Tomorrow means planting brassicas - if the back and knees cooperate. Wish me luck!

Thanks for dropping by - hope you're having a lovely weekend.
Linda x


  1. You're very lucky to have honesty Linda - he who gardens in our house has gradually eradicated them because they seed everywhere! Love the drawings!

  2. She who gardens here, knows your pain. I am trying to salvage the beds that have been neglected. I did not know that geranium, lily of the valley, and ostrich ferns would thrive (explode) in our desert sand. Interesting, the honesty I grow has a bluish purple bloom. I too have to wait until the forget me nots are done before I rip them out. They bring so much color when it is still too early to plant. My blue glazed pots have yellow petunias and bugundy sweet potato vine. :) What I love about learning to draw is discovering even simple shapes (crabs, shells) are actually complex when you loo closely. Enjoy the rest of your weekend.

  3. Heavens! My rabbits would fit right through that wire! I have to resort to chicken wire if I want to harvest anything at all!

  4. Thanks for your comments ladies. Sounds like we all love our gardens even if our bones protest! I know the work will be rewarded when we get to eat the vegetables within minutes of picking them and the flowers will be a joy! By the way Jeannie, just what is a sweet potato vine? I often cook sweet potatoes but I'm guessing that's a completely different thing!

  5. Your garden is looking wonderful - I love your new geranium!
    I grow the white honesty which is lovely for cutting!

  6. Thanks Gill. Of course I don't show you the weedy parts do I? White honesty sounds lovely - might have to get some of that!