Thursday, 14 May 2015

Off to the seaside

We escaped the office at the weekend to make a flying visit to the seaside. Laura and I love nothing more than walking on a beach looking for treasure - seems it's a genetic trait. I've never seen Amelie so excited!

She loved the sand so much she didn't know whether to dig, paddle, collect shells or cycle - or try to do them all at the same time. Riding the bike into the sea was probably not her best idea yet!

I have enough shells and bits of driftwood at home but somehow couldn't resist adding to the collection.

Especially after seeing the watercolour paintings of Louise Young in the Moma gallery in Machynlleth. I love her formal arrangement of shells and feathers and came home very inspired to paint. Sorry about the jaunty angle of the photo but I was trying to avoid the reflective glare on the glass.

Moma is a beautiful exhibition space.

And C Alun Evans powerful acrylic landscapes were in complete contrast to Louise's delicate watercolours.

Philip Huckin's Welsh landscapes had a strong narrative quality.

And we appreciated how well he had observed the natural elements of the landscape when we spent a magical afternoon exploring the nearby RSPB reserve where slate walls with moss covered tops gave shelter to masses of unfurling ferns.

All in all a lovely three days. Rest, relaxation and a bit of culture - what more could anyone ask for? Just what we needed in the run up to our Through Our Hands exhibition opening next Saturday. Hope to see some of you there! 

Bye for now,
PS If you'd like to see more, Laura has posted lots more photos of the beach at Aberdovey on her blog. She's had a workshop since we got home so you'll need to scroll down past the student images  to find the pics!

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