Thursday 9 July 2015

Off to New York

Well not me of course, just two of my quilts. They lead a more exciting life than I do most of the time! 'Some Day I'll Fly Away' and 'Ragged and Black' have been invited to the Earlville Opera House in Madison County, New York, as part of their Contemporary Art Quilt exhibit. I am excited to be included in a line up of renowned US quilt artists. If any of you get to visit the show I'd love to hear what you think.

The exhibition opens on July 11th. Just wish I could be there but it's not possible sadly.

Meanwhile, at home in my studio this week I've left gooseberries behind and moved onto strawberries. I've used Liquitex acrylic paints and inks onto a stretched box canvas which I've first painted with metallic gold. I tend to work very wet so there's always the frustrating time waiting for layers of colour to dry. Instead of sitting there tutting and getting irritated, panel 3 is already started - raspberries this time.

I'm picking our own every day now so I have plenty of examples to work from before they hit the jam pot. I'll let you see how the painting is looking next time.

It's not only raspberries that are ready. After the lean months of spring we have an embarrassment of crops in the veggie plot now. He who gardens has done us proud again and despite the unpredictable weather we've had so far this year we are now spoilt for choice.

Every evening I walk up the garden path to choose what we'll have for dinner. Today was especially interesting because the unidentifiable frozen, orange block I took out of the freezer this morning, once defrosted, turned out to be lamb curry rather than the spaghetti sauce I'd thought. Called for a last minute change of plan! Madhur Jaffrey came to the rescue with a recipe for spinach with onions, chilli and onion. We have all of those just ripe for the picking!

Served it all with mushroom pakora and cucumber and mint raita - delicious! With such lovely vegetables and herbs we didn't really need the curry if truth be told. We all know vegetables are good for us - probably not when they are deep fried in chana dal batter unfortunately!

Thanks for reading - Linda x


  1. So enjoyable to read, as always. Best wishes for the exhibition in New York.

  2. So enjoyable to read, as always. Best wishes for the exhibition in New York.