Thursday 2 July 2015

Acrylic gooseberries next

Well, you know what I mean - gooseberries painted with acrylics not actually made of acrylic! Sometimes when you're working with a particular subject all you have to do is try another medium  to get quite different results.

So, after drawing gooseberries with Derwent Inktense pencils last week, I've moved onto acrylic paints and inks today. Instead of paper I'm working onto canvas panels. I love the layering of transparent washes of colour - makes the fruit look almost juicy. I'm going to try strawberries next if Amelie will let me photograph them before she picks all the ripe fruit and scoffs the lot.

I did manage to salvage this specimen before it disappeared. If I transfer my painting to fabric I can imagine every one of those little seeds being a glass bead!

Laura and Jamie have suggested I design a new set of panels for Fingerprint fabrics. Last year I did the garden bird series so fruit will be a nice change. I'm thinking it will be gooseberries, strawberries, raspberries and maybe grapes. We have all of those in the garden at various stages of ripeness - just have to wait a bit for the grapes to be ready. They're only tiny at the moment.

I will probably paint a flower series too once the fruit are finished. There are enough lovely poppies as inspiration in Laura's garden.

 I even love the swan necked buds before they open up.

Who said leaves are green? These poppy leaves are icy blue.

And these heart shaped leaves are a riot of colours with pink margins and stalks. Nature has all the inspiration I need for a long, long time.

Thanks for dropping by. I'll let you see the paintings as they happen.
Love Linda

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