Monday 23 November 2015

Fingerless mittens

I really love a bargain and half price yarn is right up my street. Trouble is, the best deals usually mean  rummaging through an 'end of line' bin for odd skeins. There's a limit to what you can create with just one odd ball but if you can find two that match......................

I like a mindless project to work in the evenings without having to think about it too much. These are just what's needed now the weather has turned colder. I used Rowan cotton yarn in a lovely flecked indigo colour and size 3.75 pins - that's an imperial 9 for us old folk!

A rectangle of garter stitch doesn't look very promising I know.

I cast on 44 stitches and just kept going until I almost used a ball for each mitten. I didn't have a pattern so I simply folded the knitting around my hand till it was long enough.

You'll notice from one of the pictures that I left a tail of yarn at opposite corners of the rectangle so that I could pick each one up and close the seam to make a tube. The thumb pops out of a little gap which I left unstitched. The knitting took hardly any time at all and if I can bear to give them away, these would make someone a nice gift for Christmas. I may yet decide to embellish them with a few buttons or I might leave them absolutely plain.

Linda x


  1. Going to K & S at Harrogate later this week - could be spending my time rummaging in those bins, these are so effective!

  2. Good luck Linda - hope you find lots of lovely bargains.

  3. That's really a very warm and cozy thing, I think. And a good present indeed. How long did it take you to knit it? I usually knit very slowly and it makes me angry. How to learn fast knitting?
    Sincerely, Ann Sparrow (Riddledom) from

  4. Hi Ann - glad you like the mittens! I suppose, like anything else, you get faster with practise. This is only garter stitch so there's no fiddly patterns to follow. It's something you can do while watching television!