Thursday 19 November 2015

Stormy weather

Storm Barney blew through here last night - I can't remember such scary high winds! The power went off twice during dinner and we kept torches beside the bed just in case.

Turns out high winds are just what you need to fetch apples down from the top of the tree. We'd been looking up at these for the past couple of weeks thinking they were out of reach and just for the birds but this morning I could collect as many as I wanted from the ground!

It's still a bit wild this morning but after wending our way through debris and fallen branches we reached Laura's in time to start recording video for DMTV. There's always a bit of preparation and setting up required before we record and I don't like to be idle so I found time to stitch the binding onto the thorny, red moon panel I quilted recently. Here it is waiting to be attached to its canvas panel ready for display. It's very satisfying to finish something even if it is only small. This piece is 30cm square and was really quick to quilt on the PowerQuilter. I hate unfinished business so I'm really happy to be able to tick one more off the 'to do' list!

I mentioned last time that I was having a sale of work. Here's another quilt I would love to find a new home for;

This first version I made of 'To The Brim' measures 63cm x 98cm ( 24.5inches x 38.5 inches) It's constructed using hand dyed cotton, silk and linen fabrics. I've added raw edged appliqué and printed text with metallic gold paint.

The quilt is mostly free machine quilted.

And there's a little bit of detail added with hand stitch.

No, I haven't put this photo in upside down! The design runs all around the outer edges of the quilt as inspired by Paul Klee's painting, 'Ad Marginem'.

If you'd be interested to have this piece please drop me a line. It costs £195 plus postage at cost.

Thanks for reading today. Linda x


  1. Linda, thank you for sharing.These pictures help me to find my way for my new project. Thanks Maren

  2. Hi Maren - glad to hear the pictures helped remind you of the videos. Good luck with the new project!