Thursday 10 December 2015

New challenge

I don't know why I've never got to grips with oil painting - might be something to do with growing up in the 50s and 60s when acrylics were the new and exciting medium and everyone thought oil paint was old hat. I have dabbled a little bit in the past but the results were nothing to write home about. It's surprising really because I think it was the smell of oil paint and turpentine that started me painting in the first place! When I was in my early teens I used to go into the old Art School building in West Bromwich and the smell was an assault on the senses, followed immediately by the magnificent sight of ranks of wonderful studio easels. If you ever get breathless with excitement in an art shop you'll know exactly how that made me feel - and it wasn't the fumes making me breathless by the way, I just hyperventilate when I see massed paints and brushes!

I had no intention to take up oils again but this week Laura gave me all her paints and mediums - she isn't happy to use them with Amelie around. I decided to give them a go and having recently finished my 3 month Art Diary Challenge with a self portrait thought that was the way to go. (Better than offending a different model anyway). Painting with oils is completely opposite to everything I'm used to with watercolours or even acrylics. I'm having to learn from the beginning! This is really only an underpainting and will change quite a lot as I add more layers of glazes.

I shall probably blend a lot of the brush strokes out while the paint is still so wet and malleable.

And I am aware that I need lots more shadows and dare I say it, wrinkles!!! The hair also looks a bit too voluminous - I'll give that some attention next session and then let you see how it's looking.

Not to be outdone on the Christmas preparations front, I snaffled the leftover salt dough from Laura's recent video for DMTV and made these tree decorations last night. There's a second batch drying out in the oven as I write this so plenty of fun painting and gilding to come later today. I love any excuse to get the Treasure Gold out!

I'll be back with details for the Art Diary Challenge competition next week. If you've been keeping your own visual diary make sure to visit my blog to find out how to enter. There will be a prize!!

Talk to you again soon - Linda x

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