Saturday 12 December 2015

Shaping up

Just a quick post today to let you see the outcome of the latest painting session.

The drying time between layers of oil paint is the worst thing - I'm always impatient to get on with it! Trouble is, if you work it too much it gets muddy and you're also tempted to put in fiddly detail far too soon.

At least I managed to finally get the top off a tube of blue yesterday! Stood it upside down in very hot water for a couple of minutes and then resorted to pliers. There were three different blues in the paints Laura gave me and although I realise you shouldn't choose your colour palette by which tube you can actually open!!! sometimes you just have to go with what you've got don't you?

The paint is getting thicker now and that will increase drying time between sessions - since patience isn't my strong suit I'm lining up some new canvasses. Maybe if I work on a couple at once I can switch from one to the next! Laura tells me I am still painting like I'm using watercolours so my plan is to start the next piece in a very different way. We'll have to see how that goes.

Bye for now,
Linda x


  1. Still great work...I'm always in awe of your (& Laura's) talent for drawing. But I trace REALLY well! HA

  2. Nothing wrong with tracing Robbie!

  3. Do I see a knife in your future??

  4. I love the mix of colours in your hair, this is looking amazing.