Sunday 14 February 2016

I'm gonna need longer arms!

I've not had a lot of energy for a couple of weeks due to an unpleasant viral thing. On the positive side, it has meant I've sat about doing nothing very much except hand stitching my patchwork. Although that's quite relaxing, true to character it has also become a compulsion. Every time I finish one row of piecing I'm so desperate to see how the next row will look I have to carry on. I've heard, but not really seen, far too many late night films on TV as I sew away beneath my daylight lamp.

You're seeing this from the side as it's too big to hold up the other way. The width of the quilt is now exactly what I need for the bed so my next task is to fill in the half hexagons that will complete the sides and give me straight edges. What you are seeing at the bottom of the image above is the right hand side of the quilt where I intend to join a dark diamond to a pale  triangle so the pattern of tumbling blocks isn't interrupted.

I've just placed a couple of patches here to give the impression of how that'll work. I have to make 2 more rows of tumbling blocks at the top and the same at the bottom and I'll be almost there! My sister doesn't know it yet but I'm planning to commission her to quilt it on her longarm machine. I had thought I might hand quilt it at one point but I don't think it would be finished in my lifetime!

It's dangerous to spend time trawling the internet when you're under the weather. You feel sorry for yourself and think you need a treat. I might not have had much energy but I wasn't too feeble to press 'buy me' buttons. These seemed tempting!

It's great to be feeling back to normal and I like to have options on the go so there's always something I can be working on. I've narrowed my selection of beads and Madeira Lana threads down to a few colours and found out some coarse linen that was sold for polishing windows. I'm sure I can come up with something more creative to do with it than that.

My trusty Mary Thomas's Dictionary of Stitches is open, the linen's hooped up and I'm ready for the off. I'll let you see what transpires!

Bye for now,
Linda x


  1. quilt coming along lovely ,i'm piecing along with you but mine is only about two foot im thinking it might become a table mat.How do you find your daylight lamp, does it keep you awake at night if your sewing late?
    Im thinking of buying one and that was a concern would you recommend the one you've got? thanks Dawn

  2. Hi Dawn,
    I love my daylight lamp. I wouldn't be able to do any night time stitching in the winter months without it to be honest. I know there's evidence that looking at blue light from electronic devices at night affects sleep patterns but I am not aware of any difference if I've been using the lamp or not. Maybe you should research a bit more?

  3. Linda, your quilt top is gorgeous. You've inspired me to dig out the hand dyes and have a go. Tumbling blocks and storm at sea are two of my favorite patterns and on my list to complete before I check out. Best get going! I am so glad you are feeling a little better. Feeling punky in winter is doubly hard with the dark, gray days. I too have indulged in a little internet spree. A little something to help lift the gloom. I have daylight bulbs in my studio and daylight work lamps and have never had a problem going to sleep. Well, once I realize that I am making errors due to fuzzy brain. Be well and have a wonderful day.

  4. Cannot wait to see what you do with coarse linen Linda.

  5. the quilt looks amazing, as you all the beads you've bought - I tell my husband that beads are like bags, you can never have too many!

  6. Thanks to everyone who takes time to leave a comment. I read them all and love knowing that like minded folk are out there in the ether!
    Love Linda