Thursday 18 February 2016

Who says trees are brown?

Don't you just love the quality of light you get at this time of year - especially late afternoon?

I had to dash out and try to capture the moment before the sun sets completely and this ancient apple tree becomes almost invisible in the evening gloom. The sun has to be really low in the sky for this effect.

I've often photographed these beech trees that border our garden. Normally they form a dark silhouette against the bright sky but today they turned gold and lime against the blue. Looks strangely unreal doesn't it? Especially where the light catches the tops of the shrubs beyond the pond.

Back inside I can relax and enjoy the sunshine through the window rather than brave the cold outside. It's a pleasure to sit and embroider my linen scrim with double cross stitch and beads.

This is no great work of art but I think it might make a lovely book cover - that's what I'm working towards anyway. Of course I'll let you see it when it's finished.

Even though the mornings are cold and frosty we are planning for summer. Granddad has his helper well trained already. He's brought most of the potting shed indoors for a day or two so she can sow the chilli seeds. It's warmer in here!

Not surprising when you see what I've been doing in the kitchen next door. Bertinet's olive dough today - that's lunch sorted for the gardeners then!

Bye for now and thanks for dropping by.
Linda x

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