Tuesday 12 December 2017

End in sight?

I promised not to post any more wintry pictures on instagram because endless images of snow do pall after a while don't they? Couldn't resist sharing this one with you though....

That's the roof of my garden studio with some hints that a thaw might be coming!! Trouble is, it dipped to -13C last night so those icicles might hang around a bit longer yet.

Our country lanes are very icy and snow ploughs don't bother about us but being cooped up does mean I have time to finish some abandoned projects. Remember these blocks from DMTV? I've put them into the simplest arrangement and have decided to add a border, machine quilt it and then finish with a pieced binding. It's only small but with lots of stitch it should look pretty on a bedside table. That big empty space in the centre is just crying our for a lovely bit of quilting!

You might remember these blocks too. I made them for the DMTV video about establishing and working with a limited colour palette. I'm quite liking how those blue squares pop! I'm fancying to hand quilt this over the holiday. Always like to have something useful to keep me occupied when the only other available distractions involve overdosing on chocolate and trash TV!

I can hear snow sliding off the roof as I write this - perhaps the end of the siege is in sight! Roll on spring!

Bye for now - Linda x


  1. I love the rust and blue combo, the blue glows. I know too well how old the novelty of snow becomes after a few days. On the bright side, no one will know if you sat all day and watched trashed TV and ate chocolates until spring.

  2. What a contrast we are experiencing temperature wise here in NZ. It has been steaming hot with above 30 in the last week...but perfect for drying the paper pulp bowls I have been making after purchasing your lesson on DMTV. Today is painting day! We live on a family property named after a small village in Nottinghamshire where the family originally came from...Cropwell Butler. Ours was an orchard and so became Cropwell which sounds corny to those not in the know. I have taken the old paperwork and used it for the bowls as gifts for the family for Christmas. Our children were brought up here and three grandsons have only ever lived here too...the twins are now 19 and their brother is 16 and all love living here and feel very proud of being Cropwell boys! Thank you so much for the class. And just by the way...don't try making them without the plastic wrap. I did and it doesn't work!!

  3. Jeannie - sounds like you're giving me permission. I shall blame you if that's what happens!

  4. Hi Bonnie - we're never satisfied are we? I'd like a bit of your weather here right now but too much of anything extreme soon loses its appeal. I love the sound of what you're making for the family at Christmas. Really thoughtful idea to incorporate the paperwork from the old country! I'd love to see a photo in our gallery when you have finished the bowls!

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