Monday 4 July 2011

Like minded!

Having spent quite a bit if time lately drawing and painting lovely generous peapods I was amazed to see how my old friend Marie Roper has been working with the same inspiration. I knew she was busy creating a piece to illustrate a poem for an exhibition being held during a literary festival in her local town but I had no idea of the subject. Her beautiful Peabrush figure can be seen at The Weavers Gallery in Ledbury. Herefordshire, UK, until this coming Sunday.

Isn't she simply exquisite? Just look at the peapods on the skirt and the delicate tendrils at the wrists. Quite incredible attention to detail. These dolls take as long as they take - Marie never compromises! The word doll seems completely inadequate.

Back down to earth, another embroidered bag gets finished finally. One more for the stand at Festival!

As ever there is a long list of things to do but sometimes a little break helps to recharge the batteries. As long as Laura is happy to stay here and hold the fort, a trip to visit my sister in southern France is just the answer! Apparently the temperatures touched 40C there last week - I'm hoping it will have cooled down a bit by the time we get there but a couple of loose cotton dresses should help. I ran this one up today and will probably make a second in a different colour if I can find some fabric at the Rag Market tomorrow.

Wouldn't it be great if we could alter our own measurements as easily as changing those of the mannequin? A couple of dials in strategic places would be very handy!

Thanks for visiting - Linda


  1. Have a well deserved 'diversion' with your sister.

  2. Marie's "dolls" are so amazing. You are so right, the term doll does not do them justice. Have a wonderful time in France. Is the dress design one of your own or a commercial pattern? It looks perfect for warm weather. I also wish I had a dial in the small of my back to change a few measurements.
    Have fun!

  3. I am looking for a pattern for just that type of dress! Should it be a commercial pattern, I would greatly appreciate the link to it.

    The "doll" is really a piece of art. What an eye candy.

  4. Glad you like the dress! It's Vogue pattern 8659. I had to make a few tweaks to the neckline but otherwise it goes together very easily. The instructions recommend lightweight linen or viscose fabrics. I've made it in linen and also in stretch jersey but I prefer the way the jersey drapes. Feels just like wearing an oversized T shirt!

  5. That doll is the bees knees! Thanks for sharing it :)