Sunday 17 July 2011

More from France

I promise this will be the last time I write about my holiday!! I don't want to bore anyone who really wants to read about arty stuff but I am on holiday after all and it has been exciting following 2 stages of the Tour de France. Yesterday was in the mountains when the sprinters struggled with the steep roads and the scarily fast descents.

As you can see I was there to claim my spot bright and early. It was very warm weather but yes, that is snow on the mountain behind me.

Before the riders appear, the spectators along the route, (some of whom have been waiting for many hours) are entertained by a procession of sponsors vehicles. There's loud music and lots of freebies are thrown from the cars. No one stands on ceremony as we all scrabble to grab hats, key rings and packets of sweets and cakes.

Suddenly the first riders appear. This is the echappe out in front of the main pack.

In the blink of an eye they flash past. That hairpin bend barely slows them down at all. Quite terrifying!

Today we watched the depart when the riders cycle out of the town sedately before beginning the stage proper. In theory that provides an opportunity for photographs that are at least in focus. In practice it didn't turn out quite that way but you can at least see how close they pass!

I couldn't resist signing off with another French cliche.

The weather was overcast today but these fields of sunflowers made up for it. Back at Maureen's house we watched the stage finish and our man Cavendish won again. There will be celebrations tonight!

Normal service will be resumed shortly - just as soon as we get home and I can shake off this laid back holiday mode!

Talk again soon - Linda


  1. It is far from boring and much better than the stuff people post to show how arty they are! Speed is hard to capture and focus in on. your picture of the sunflowers is the best i have seen. wish i was there.

  2. As Monica said, this is far from boring. I loved the close up photo of the action, but those sunflowers, oh my! Gorgeous!

  3. You certain.y look lovely and relaxed and it's all far from boring! Thanks for sharing your hols.

  4. It's great seeing the Tour de France live rather than on TV. I'm sure a lot of people don't realise what a huge event it is in France. Love the sunflowers too.

  5. We all enjoy a holiday and not all of us get to visit France and the Tour de France.I love your close-up shot of the riders and the sunflowers are spectacular. Thanks for sharing. robyn in Oz.

  6. It's like you've taken us with you on holiday!! Thanks!!! We never tire of vacations!

  7. Not boring at all, actually was at my sister's this weekend & she's right into the tour, so I was checking out where YOU are. Wondered as they were all going up the mtns, if I'd see you.....
    THANKS for all the FABULOUS photos & your view.

  8. I envy you the sight of those glorious sunflowers. They bring brightness to a pretty rainy day here in England. Enjoy the rest of your holiday.