Tuesday 19 July 2011

This really is the last word!

I promised not to write from my holiday in France again but this is just a very quick post on our last day here. Yesterday we drove to the top of the world - at least it felt that way on the Plateau de Beille. This mountain ski station is a famous test of stamina for the Tour de France when it's in the Pyrenees.

The plateau looks rather bleak in my photo but we actually passed through the clouds and back into the sun at 1866 metres. There is a lot of bleached wood lying around among the wild flowers in the meadows. I have never seen so many wild orchids in one place before.

After such a strenuous hike it was a pleasure to get back to Maureen's house for a rest! I filled a few pages of my tiny sketchbook with quick drawings of a piece of old root we liberated from the mountain top.

I don't think I'll be able to smuggle it into my suitcase but my drawings will be a good reminder. I made this one with a water soluble pencil and added water to make a wash in the background.

This page shows an initial drawing in oil pastel with additions of watercolour paint and pencil for fine detail. It's a great luxury having time in daylight hours to sit and doodle like this!!

Next time I write I'll be back at my desk!
By for now,

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  1. Your always an inspiration! Thanks so much for sharing your holiday with us. I truly enjoyed.