Wednesday, 14 September 2011

Need sunglasses at dinnertime?

I know I've said before that 'him outdoors' knows more about design than he lets on - now it appears we are even growing our food in complementary colours.

Not content with violet and gold vegetables for dinner, there will be red and green chillies in the salad. Highly coloured food is said to be good for you but this could be dazzling!

Laura spoiled the symmetry of it all by bringing this offering from her garden this morning.

How odd to have aubergines that aren't aubergine! I'll be interested to see if they taste the same as our 'proper' aubergines.

Autumn is definitely in the air - must be because the knitting has emerged! I always have a project on the go in the darker evenings. Right now it's socks - I couldn't resist rescuing some skeins from Laura's latest dyeing session.

She's adding a few irresistible luxury yarns to the store and it's a perk of the job that I can have first pick! This is a gorgeous Superwash Merino, cashmere and nylon yarn that's making up rather nicely!

OK, it's only a sock and I know it looks like nothing on earth right now but it's really satisfying to do that turning of the heel bit! Fits so snugly. And you just wait - I'm on the straight bit that goes down the foot, that means no counting so I'll be able to knit while I'm watching TV tonight. It'll soon be finished then comes the trickiest bit - I'm not great with patterns and tend to improvise with knitting just like I do when I'm cooking. Making a second sock to match the first is always a challenge!

Wish me luck!
Talk again soon - Linda

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