Wednesday 28 September 2011

No socks please we're British

I am really, really sorry for the dreadful pun but I couldn't resist! Britain does have a terrible reputation for its weather. How come I finally finish my  hand dyed merino and cashmere socks in the same week the BBC announce London is currently warmer than Honolulu?

Just to pile on the irony I finished a cozy Moebius cowl last night too!

With 28C forecast again for tomorrow I don't think I'll be wanting either of them for a while yet. Not that I'm complaining!

I am managing to keep faith with my promise to paint or draw every day - for the time being at least! Having sold a few of my paintings lately I need to replenish stocks! I'm still working with my favourite Rooks as you can see above. He's had a generous layer of gel medium applied and will probably take forever to dry! I shall add detail to the feathers once that happens.

I quite like his expression at the moment - he seems inquisitive don't you think? His features will need a little attention before he's done.

Of course while I'm waiting for him to dry I'm faced with the problem of what to do with the paint left on the palette. I'm too mean to wash it away so I've blocked in the start of another painting - this time it's a Crow.

Tomorrow we're going back to see the BP British Portrait Award 2011 for the second time. It will either spur us on the bigger and better things or make us give up altogether. Let's hope for the first so I am inclined to finish both of these at least!

Thanks for visiting!
Talk again soon - Linda

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  1. I love the rook painting and the crow is looking lovely too, I look forward to seeing him finished :)