Friday 30 September 2011

Up, up and away!

Very first thing this morning, before we'd even had breakfast, we were surprised to see this drift past the window! Well it's very warm and sunny - I'd be up there too if I could!

I grabbed my camera and managed to catch sight of it again just before it drifted out of sight beyond the roof of my workroom.

Before you email to ask, those strange mesh covered tunnels are a cunning device to keep bugs off our vegetables! While I was in the garden with my camera poised I took the opportunity to photograph one of our chickens. She's a young Maran - beautiful markings and lovely brown eggs when she's old enough. We got her as an egg and we're relieved she's a hen - her feet are so enormous we fully expected her to grow into an ostrich!

Hard to believe she's the same little scrap of life I showed you back in the spring! Her she is with her Mom only a day old. 

Putting all of the distractions aside, I've been back in my workroom and I added a bit more paint to the poppy seedhead painting as you can see below. It's only a quick sketch but I've enjoyed it and am determined to do more!

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  1. The penciling on the feathers is beautiful. We had Brahmas and I miss them wandering around the garden like living artwork. Somehow they could teleport too, always appearing from strange places especially if they though you were uncovering something.

  2. We just had balloon race here last weekend and the sky was so colorful. I have always thought quilters should design balloons. Your poppy seed head is beautiful. Wishing you and yours a beautiful weekend.

  3. Your chicken looks like a Plymouth Rock my kids had on our farm. My son called one of them 'Bruce' and it was his pet! They are such beautiful animals, aren't they! I still have a hard time eating chicken! Geezzzz Sometimes I just can't eat fill up on other foods! The poppyhead is wonderful!!! But all your work is!! You just continue to inspire us!