Thursday 29 December 2011

Back to work

Much as I love Christmas it does seem to go on a bit doesn't it? I love to see all the family and I really enjoy feeding anyone who drops by but I'm always happiest when the mince pies and Christmas cake disappear and life returns to normal. The coffee table is still groaning with irresistible chocolates I'm sorry to confess but today we have a temporary lull in the festivities and I can escape the kitchen for a bit. I am back in my workroom reorganising everything with a vengeance. The promise of a New Year always has a rejuvenating effect on me and I am in the mood to finish any projects that have been lurking somewhere in a heap!!

Does anyone remember seeing the beginnings of this little appliqued Tulip panel? I made it with the leftovers from a DMTV project. After adding fly stitch embroidery to the vase I've worked a combination of hand quilting, using a Madeira cotton thread, with free motion machine quilting using Madeira rayon machine embroidery thread. The fly stitch, seed stitch and french knots were worked with Madeira Lana - one of my absolute favourites!

I can't imagine life without my Husqvarna sewing machines but I also enjoy having some hand stitching in the evenings when I am half watching TV. The hand stitch adds a different texture to the surface don't you think? Last night the BBC's Great Expectations held my full attention but I was able to add a colourful binding to connect the colours of the applique to the edge of the quilt and this morning I chose a wooden mini frame as a perfect way to display a little quilt like this. We have the frames hand made here in the heart of the country and you may have seen them before in our online store but you won't have seen one quite like this! I had thought I'd use one with a natural looking wax finish but being the control freak that I am decided get a plain one and paint it myself. I used Jacquard Lumiere in violet halo gold and I think it coordinates pretty well with the hand dyed fabrics of the flowers and the binding.

Out in my garden studio I keep all my hand dyed fabrics in large plastic crates but as I rummage through to try and find specific colours they get really messy,  That's what I'm aiming to tackle this afternoon. What fun! Imagine me with all the contents of the crates tipped out on the floor - I shall no doubt be sidetracked by all sorts of stuff I had forgotten I had - this may well take a while! Of course there can be no photographic evidence of this chaos - you'd be far too shocked!

Happy New Year to everyone who visits my blog, I do appreciate it. I hope you're all feeling positive about 2012 being your creative best!
Talk to you next year! Linda


  1. Rummaging through fabrics is such fun.Then having them all organised!!Love this little quilt.

  2. I know some people have Come and Paint parties. If you ever fancy a Come and Rummage/Tidy/Go oooh Pretty party, I'll bring the wine!

  3. I love everything about this wee quilt. Have a wonderfully creative 2012 - can't wait to see what inspires you from your reorganisation

  4. Thank you Linda for all you offer. Your generosity is something I strive to attain. After seeing you use Lana in your felted boat pieces, I saved and bought the entire line of Madeira Lana. I LOVE it and use it for hand stitching as well. I see what you call "control" as just another form of artistic expression. Your pieces aren't finished until you add that certain special detail which makes you the person and teacher you are. Thank you and extend my thanks and birthday wishes to Laura as well.

  5. Beautiful little piece. I especially love the simple stitching detail on the tulips, the seed stitch and french knots.

    Happy and color-filled New Year 2012!


  6. After all the little glimpses of tulip heads over the last little bit, it is lovely to see this one. As beth said, your pieces all have that personal feel and texture. You have converted me over to adding handstitching to everything to add that final little touch of art (in australia)