Tuesday 13 December 2011

Such excitement!

I might have mentioned before (OK probably mentioned it more than once - we are excited!) that Laura is starting a new printing venture. Well the wide format printer arrived yesterday and it is a monster! After 2 intensive days of training I don't suppose we can say she and Jamie are experts yet but they're getting there! This afternoon I went to the new printroom and we tried a few of my images onto fabric.

You might recognise this Rook - he's an acrylic painting I did on canvas printed out more than life size onto a cotton fabric. The detail is astonishing! I took the pictures when I got home and it's late afternoon in December so the light isn't great.

The painted feathers from the sketchbook might work well as a coordinating fabric in a quilted panel don't you think? This is the printed fabric by the way, not the book!

And of course you can cut and paste an image to make a backing fabric too. Actually I couldn't bear to hide this on the back - it's too gorgeous!

These are a couple of pages from the sketchbook I made last year for the Sketchbook Project. The book now resides in America so it's good to have a permanent reminder on cloth. I plan to quilt these and maybe work into them again to accent details with paint.

Look how the fabric print is true to every fluid mark in the watercolour paint. That's impossible to achieve with paint direct to fabric but easy if you print from a painted paper image.

I hope Laura will turn up for work tomorrow but I suspect it will be quite a wrench to leave her new toy!

Thanks for reading this. I'll be in touch with the latest developments as they happen! Linda


  1. It truly is amazing. Every little detail is there - impossible to get that watercolour effect on fabric any other way I think. I'm a bit excited too and can't wait to see where this all leads!! ps I was wondering why Laura was quiet and now I know.

  2. Stunning - you must be SO excited ..... what a fabulous Christmas present!!

  3. Fabulous. No wonder you're excited. Amazing reproduction.

  4. Amazing! I am just awe struck at the detail the printer was able to reproduce. Oh, I see fun times ahead for you both! Just think, you haven't even ventured down the what if.... path!

  5. These are beautiful!!! Amazing what can be done!!! Aren't we lucky to live in this century!!