Sunday 18 December 2011

Must be nearly time

Christmas seems to have crept up on me again this year. I have been in denial but the time has come to give in and get into the right spirit.

I spent part of this afternoon decorating the tree. My family will laugh at this but every year I start out with good intentions to keep it tasteful. I will only hang colour coordinating baubles! Then of course I give in and every hand made ornament we've had in the family since the year dot gets squashed on too. Some of these we made when the children were tiny but they still come out year after year.

Once I'm in 'hostess with the mostess' mode there's no stopping me - here's the first batch of sesame bread rolls.

They looked so good we had to sample a few and then of course I had to make more. This time with poppy seeds on top. The freezer is full - we should be OK for Boxing Day turkey, stuffing and pickle sandwiches now!

Just in case you think I'm in already holiday mode and I've forgotten where my studio is, here's a couple of ideas we are working on as designs for the new printer. That's the beauty of having spent more than a year writing our latest Creative Sketchbook course - we have lots of lovely pages just waiting to be developed.

Who could resist a fat quarter of this? It's a collage with print and watercolour wash.

Here's a rather decorative pear print with pencil drawn detail. I know I shouldn't say it but they are gorgeous aren't they? They are both Laura's work so I'm allowed to praise them!

Hope your Christmas plans are going well and you aren't getting stressed. Talk again soon - Linda


  1. What deliscious looking bread rolls, I can smell them from here. Laura's sketching and collage is very mouth watering too.

  2. I can't work out which to be amazed by first...the cloth or the bread! Both look wonderful :)

  3. As Annabel said, I don't know which to praise, the bread or Laura's work. They are both pieces of art. My bread making starts today. Crossing my fingers for success.

  4. Oh those bread rolls look so yummy...I wished I could eat them right from the screen

  5. Linda I LOVE your full of memories, and fun!!
    Those bread rolls, I can almost smell them!!