Monday, 2 January 2012

Time to smell the roses

Without light there is no colour but when the sun shines there is glorious colour even on a winter's day in January. Like lots of folk who've eaten too much, drunk too much and barely moved a muscle except to switch TV channels for a week it was time for a walk in the country today!

These persistent Acer leaves still cling to the branch.

Who says tree trunks are brown?

Or boring?

Or dull?

A poplar avenue is nature's cathedral.

And a laburnum arch is beautiful even without the flowers.

Without a whisper of wind a pool becomes a mirror.

And then there's cute! If this little fellow with his velvet head and orange feet could have been persuaded into my bag I'd have bought him home with me!!

It doesn't cost much to get out to see the world and recharge batteries!

Talk to you soon - Linda


  1. What amazing bark! Would you mind if I saved those photos to put into my design inspirations folder?

  2. Hi Angie - glad you like the bark pictures. They are inspirational aren't they - please use them any way you like.

  3. Gorgeous tree bark and I love the arched paths. To see water that still in winter is amazing and beautiful. Have a beautiful week.

  4. What beautiful images full of colour, texture and inspiration. Thankyou for sharing them.

  5. Wonderful photos - I especially like the bark. No matter how you look at it, even in the winter England is still green!

  6. What amazing pictures!!! And who knew about trees and their bark colors!! Love the little guy!! What a little doll...and to think some folks eat duck! Yikes! Now I know why I just like veggies!

  7. Really beautiful bark. Do you know the book "Bark" that is really stunning.
    gr. Marjolijn

  8. Linda,

    Beautiful walk to clear the festive cobwebs.

  9. Thanks everyone for the kind words. Marjolijn I shall look out for that book!

  10. Linda,, your photos are lovely.Makes me feel very tranquil.Bark is wonderful stuff.