Monday 13 February 2012

Can't let Laura have all the fun!

We recently set up a little still life for the first of a DMTV video series on drawing techniques.

I wasn't in the video this time but I couldn't resist joining in. Any opportunity to sit and draw!

In the video Laura was working with graphite pencils but as you can see in the details above and below I used coloured watersoluble pencils. I just love the way the colour of the line bleeds gently on damp paper.

Daffodils are complex structures to draw but poppy seedheads are recognisable even with just a few sketchy lines.

We often get asked how we manage to make such a lot of work but producing videos means we need to create new work all the time. The deadlines are a stimulus to productivity rather than a diversion. I probably wouldn't have finished this latest bird quilt if the cameras weren't due! I'll let you see the whole thing once the video has aired!

Sometimes the techniques are quite time consuming so we have to plan pretty far in advance. The painted, pieced, embroidered and beaded silk piece above will eventually be a rather glamourous cushion but for now it's a relaxing bit of hand sewing for the dark winter evenings! No danger of boredom chez Kemshall!

Thank you for reading - I appreciate you taking the time to keep in touch with what I'm up to! Bye for now.


  1. Just goes to show that DMTV membership is worth every penny! Looking forward to the future shows, as always.

  2. As Amanda said, DMTV is worth every penny. My husband laughs because Thursday mornings are sacred here. My morning coffee and DMTV. Thank you for the hours of preparation, filming, editing, etc. that goes into each show. You always inspire me to try new things and I am so grateful.

  3. Gorgeous 'teaser' - can't wait to see the video :)