Sunday 5 February 2012

Little treasure

Among the lovely presents I was given by my nearest and dearest at Christmas was this precious album. I know it doesn't look much. You have to know someone really well to know they'd appreciate a beat up, dusty, old leather bound book full of pictures of long dead strangers. Of course I love it!

The construction is fantastic and I am sure it was an expensive object in its day. Just look at the leather inserts that divide and articulate the board pages.

The album is full of faded photos like these.

There are very few clues as to who the people were but I like to imagine this beauty,

knew this handsome chap!

Or, maybe she preferred a man in uniform!

There's a name on the title page that I should be able to decipher with a magnifying glass.

The reason I'm showing you so much of this book is that I have plans for it. I have ambitions to decorate the album like an illuminated manuscript so I wanted you to see the before pictures and I'll post some of the afters once I've made some progress!

Wish me luck! - Linda


  1. I find illuminated manuscripts fascinating and can't wait to see what you do to this lovely album.

  2. What a find!!! Don't you just wonder about all the stories these folks have! I'd be looking at this album over and over again. Thanks for sharing with us!!

  3. Oh Linda, what an exciting project.Can't wait to see what you do this gorgeous album.

  4. Do you think that some one seeing your blog might recognise some of the photos?

  5. Robbie - I've been looking at the album for weeks now wondering what best to do with it. I want to preserve it but add to it too. It's quite daunting in many ways.

    LTWWTL - The thought did cross my mind that these are real people and someone out there might recognise them. I was planning to remove the pictures and start from scratch with the album but it seemed disrespectful. I shall leave them in place. If I decide to cover the original photos with my own I shall at least know they are still there in their rightful home. All part of the evolving history of the book.

  6. What fun. Isn't it wonderful when one knows you so well?

  7. I love gifts like this. You know that the person looked long and hard to find just the perfect gift, which makes it even more special. I like the fact that the ancestors are not scowling like so many did in photos back then. Good luck!

  8. Hi Linda,
    I watched illuminated books with my niece who is 16. (wasn't it fab). Anyway she turned and said to me "Susan can you make me one for my 21st, I say 21st cos it will give you lots of time to make it". I said "Paige you have got two hopes and one of them is called Bob"! I look forward to seeing how you tranform that amazing album into an illuminated manuscript.
    hugs Susan :)