Friday 10 February 2012

this 'n that

One of the books I'm altering at the moment is about framed objects and views seen through windows. I've been cutting suitable pictures out of magazines with collage in mind.

The idea is to cut apertures through some of the pages of the book and edge the 'window' with the collaged picture frame. A present Laura gave me a couple of days ago is making life easier. I'm not usually one for gadgets but this little cutter is helping me cut perfect ovals.

Never one to throw anything away I think the oval shapes I cut out might have a part to play in another altered book I'm working on.

This book's about birds' eggs and I really think the cutouts will look quite egg-like once I've painted them and maybe flicked a bit of paint off a toothbrush!

Of course it's easy to get carried away. I have revealed a lovely moth through the window in my altered Moth book but I have to exercise restraint! Can't have windows in every page of every book just because I've got a new gadget!!

Mind you it has given me some interesting coloured eggs!

So that's 3 different books on the go at the same time - it's quite interesting to see how I can cannibalise one and use it in another!

Thanks for reading this far. Please check in again soon. All the best, Linda


  1. that oval cutting gadget thingy looks rather snazzy - a bit of a case of gadget envy going on here!

  2. Is that the Fiskars tool Linda?I found it tricky to use at first, but love it now.I looked on you tube and there were a couple of tutorials on how to use it.You're having fun doing this interesting project.

  3. That is one of the beauties of being you...always coming up with a new way to see the world.

  4. Like I said, I'm not usually a gadget type of girl but this is snazzy! It's made by Tonic and called a Shape Mate. Just have to make sure I don't overdo the ovals everywhere! The cut outs are justified in the windows book but definitely less appropriate in the others. Note to self - less is more!

  5. Linda, you have renewed my interest in bookart! I love what you are doing with the oval cutting gadget and then I see the moths and eggs, and.....I must get to the bookstore to look for a book to "rewrite".