Sunday 15 April 2012


The moth quilt is finished! Well to be truthful I shall leave it on the wall until I decide if it might need a little few final details added. All I'm considering is to draw in the moth antennae with a fine pen.

These aren't brilliant pictures but it's too late in the day to set up the quilt frame and do it properly. Anyway, if somebody doesn't get out in the kitchen soon there'll be no Sunday dinner!

Now that 'Stray Thoughts' is finished I need another quilt on the same theme. I know exactly what I want to do and I've spent this afternoon drawing from a book with illustrations of Roman statues.

This young girl looks strangely Pre Raphaelite but was in fact chiselled from stone 2000 years ago. I wanted something a bit edgier than this tame pencil sketch so I took a plastic eraser to the drawing and scrubbed out a few gestural lines.

I think the marks are livelier now. I enjoy drawing faces but mouths are always hard to draw aren't they? I find it's best to avoid hard edges and only suggest an outline by concentrating on the shadows.

Not sure if anything will come of this but at least it's got me drawing again. I'll look at her tomorrow and see if I think she's worth taking further! The hope is that once I've added numerous moths Laura will print her as big as she'll go!

Hope you had a fun weekend - talk to you soon. Linda


  1. Wow is all I can say!! An amazing quilt - I love the layers of moths; they are wonderous :))

  2. Thanks Annabel - I'm onto the next one now!

  3. Fantastic! Love this - the grisaille faces and the colorful moths...wonderful composition.


  4. Thanks Cleta. I'm glad you like it as it is. I was tempted to add more colour but I've thought better of it. What are you up to at the moment? I was so impressed with what I saw last time so I'd like to see more of your work.

  5. Love this quilt and the notion of moths as fleeting thoughts and elusive ideas. I also love the combination of black and white with colour being confined to the moths - it makes me think how when we are lost in our thoughts, the real world sinks into the distance while our internal world comes alive. You and Laura are so inspiring - and so productive! I really don't know how you fit it all in, but I'm so glad you do so we can all enjoy it ;-)

  6. Thank you Donna.That's exactly how I feel too. Dreams sometimes seem more real than life!. I often wonder if it's healthy to live in your head so much!

  7. I stumbled across your blog as i was looking for inspirations on the web. I have spent the last 45 minutes looking at your beautiful quilts. I think this quilt is beautiful, with wonderful contrast, values and textures.