Sunday 8 April 2012

Happy Easter

It may be a holiday but we still have to eat! Today's bread turned out well even though it's been a cool, cloudy day.

I spent part of the morning answering email. Holidays can be busy for us because online students find they have lots of extra time to get on with coursework. I could leave it until after the weekend but I don't want to hold anyone up when they're keen to make progress. I know just how that feels - this afternoon I've been able to make progress myself! Using the boat print as my starting point I've sorted out lots of scraps that are at least wide enough to cut into inch and a half strips.

I've pieced, sliced and diced the strips to make Rail Fence blocks. I think they're working quite nicely with the colours of the peeling paint and I like the idea of the formal square shapes contrasting with the gentle curves of the boat timbers. It's very satisfying to use up bits and pieces in some proper patchwork - I don't know why I don't do this more often!

I also trimmed and pieced the lino block prints and rubbings into a long band. I'm hoping it might be just the right thing to make an interesting border.

I pieced different rubbings to introduce some pale colour and to make the strip long enough.

I shall make lots more Rail Fence blocks tomorrow so I can play with the arrangement of colours. It won't matter if I make too many. None will be wasted - they'll just come in for the next quilt! I know I've got some lovely rusted fabrics hidden away somewhere. They could be perfect in this piece so finding them will also be my mission in the morning.

Hope you're having a lovely long weekend. Bye for now, Linda


  1. Hi Mom,

    The Rail Fence blocks look great with the digital print. We should print some more 'boat' fabric for chopping up into the blocks. Let me know if you'd like some putting on the printer!

  2. Glad you like it Laura. I may have to take you up on the offer of more printing - I'm mass producing blocks at the moment and including snippets of the boat print image would really integrate everything wouldn't it?

  3. This is so exciting. I loved your boat images when you showed them on DMTV and now to see them put into a quilt is so interesting. The rail fence parts capture the colors of the print so well. Happy Easter and wishing you many hours of happily sewing away.

  4. Thanks Jeannie. I'm enjoying working with these colours as they are quite different to anything I've used for ages. I did a lot of work from the same inspiration a few years ago but I worked with a darker palette and needlefelted the pieces rather than pieced them.