Monday 2 April 2012

Where does the time go?

I always try to blog on a Sunday but this week I don't know where the time went. I was in domestic goddess mode and although the sun was shining brightly I spent most of the day in the kitchen. This was the view from my window at 7 in the morning. Promise of another perfect day.

We love Indian food and I enjoy making it myself. It does involve long lists of ingredients, spices mainly, but once you've stocked the store cupboard you can transform quite basic foods. I've dug out a Madhur Jaffrey cookbook I bought in the 80s and have been experimenting with some old favourites. Of course it helps to have the right tools for the job - these beautiful rolling pins have been decorating my kitchen for years but they were put to a more practical use at last.

The flat breads turned out really well despite the fact they are only flour, salt, water and oil! Pretty much the same recipe I use to make a starch resist paste or paper glue!

Luckily they tasted better than glue and were perfect with Madhur's version of Tandoori Chicken and a side dish of aubergine in the pickling style!
You'd be forgiven for thinking I spent all day cooking and eating but no - a little sewing was achieved in between all the marinading and baking! I've been working on a journal sized piece for DMTV. As usual the idea started with a drawing.

DMTV members seeing this will recognise the still life we set up a while ago. I know not everyone likes drawing or even thinks it has much to do with quilting and embroidery. For me, a drawing can be an end in itself or lead on to other things. This time I'd enjoyed the subject so much I wanted to capture the painterly colour of the watersoluble pencil washes in an applique using sheer fabrics.

It's not finished yet but since the video is due to be recorded tomorrow it soon will be. Don't you just love a deadline? I've just wandered around the garden with my camera and am already planning the next piece - how do you think the technique would suit pansies? I think I've got the perfect chiffon!

Thanks for reading this! Talk to you again soon - Linda


  1. I think I have that book and love both those recipes too. It's a long time since I cooked something from it and think you may have nudged me to get it out again! Have a great Easter.

  2. Hi Angie - try the chicken in a butter sauce. Probably not a good idea to eat it too often but very delicious!

  3. love the textile piece - haven't managed to watch the show yet - grandchild minding seems to have taken up most of this week then baking and shopping for Easter meals so maybe Monday!

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  5. Pansies would look wonderful! I Love the effect of sheer fabrics, your flowers are beautiful! spicy foood is my favourite your bread looks delicious.

  6. Hi JP. Baking sounds good to me. I think I'll go and get a batch of biscuits in the oven. The kitchen is the cosiest place to be on a chilly day like today.

    Yvonne - thank you. Sounds like you and I appreciate the same things!

  7. Hi Linda,
    your kitchen counter looks like a hand dyed piece of fabric on the picture with the rolling pins...