Friday, 4 May 2012


Just a quick post today. I thought I'd better show that I am doing some work and not just enjoying myself frittering my pocket money away at auction houses!

I'm painting on canvas covered board with acrylics. What I'm aiming for is the suggestion of an atmospheric landscape. I'm working on an easel to encourage the paint to drip and flow.

Painting with a large brush is so quick I'm painting four boards at once - that stops me getting frustrated having to wait for a wash to dry.

I'm not happy with this first layer of colour yet but I'll add transparent glazes tomorrow to hopefully build an interesting surface. I'll have to be careful not to lose the contrast between orange and blue though!

Once I'm happy with the backgrounds my plan is to paint a tree silhouette on each of the panels with the branches extending across the red sun. There's a long way to go but I thought you might like to see how these things begin.

Thanks for reading - Linda

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