Monday, 7 May 2012

Monday drawing frenzy

I intended to paint the tree panels again today but I got ambushed by the blank pages of my sketchbook!

I need more characters for the moth quilt series I'm working on. I've been putting it off because it's easier to draw almost anything rather than faces but once I get started I usually enjoy it! I do quite like this chap - he looks quite thoughtful and might be one I go for.

I'm planning to have the drawings enlarged and printed on Laura's digital printer again. The sketchy pencil marks should work well with the photographically precise moth images I think.

I wanted an older woman's face to contrast with the young girl I've already drawn but this one looks too miserable so I don't think she'll be the one.

Leaving the workroom with camera in hand I snapped this bit of the garden. We're trying to get as many wild flowers as we can to grow in this area. It's too early in the year for poppies and cornflowers but the honesty and the forget- me-nots are doing beautifully. There are even some late daffodils and lots of bluebells further along the path.

Hope you enjoyed your weekend, especially if it was a long one like ours.

Thanks for reading this. I'll post again soon!

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  1. Love the man's portrait especially - we'll be able to capture all of those marks in the drawing with a digital print and if we scan at a high res we can print BIG!