Thursday 4 October 2012

Autumn blues

I always feel this time of year is rather melancholy. It seems like the end of everything is fast approaching and that's rather sad. If I was an animal I suspect I'd be one of those that shuts down completely, waiting until spring to emerge from a hole in the ground blinking into the sunlight. Unfortunately there's always work to be done so, much as I'd love it, I'm not allowed to hibernate.

Of course nature has her compensations. The rosehips are at their glorious best in the garden right now, especially when seen against a blue, blue sky. I couldn't resist walking around with my camera this morning.

And after many years our grapevine has suddenly decided to grow like a triffid over the roof of my studio. It's covered in bunches of little grapes but I don't think we'll be going into wine production just yet.

The butterflies are making the most of the last few Buddleia flowers.

And after the exertions of the day, in my lethargic state, what better than to sit and knit mindlessly in front of the stove.

And who better to knit for than little Amelie!

I promise I'll do my best to be more energetic and creative soon!

Thanks for dropping by - Linda


  1. Actually a very peaceful post seeing little Amelie and envisioning knitting in front of a fire. Enjoy the time. You know how fast they grow.

  2. I love Autumn! It's my favourite but then I don't do heat too well so normally it would be a relief. Super little jacket too and a peaceful, for now, baby. Lovely!

  3. I love the colors of Autumn, but I dislike the fact that we went from a glorious 30C to 10C in 24 hours. Brr! I was dashing around at midnight covering houseplants that have summered outside and hoping the tomatoes wouldn't freeze. The dye studio is closed for the season. That said, I have DMTV to catch up on, cloth to washout and stitch, and hours of knitting to keep me warm. Wishing you all sunny days and enjoyable afternoons together.

  4. I'm a winter hibernator, too. Fall has always been a melancholy time, so I try to surround myself with beautiful colors inside and make sure I have plenty of fiber projects ready to dive into when the rain and gray skies move in. Your little sweater is so cute!

  5. I love the rose hips. I remember seeing a beautiful garden where the gardener had picked his roses for the interesting hips. some were burgundy and yellow and lots of different shapes and textures, so gorgeous. Of course our gardens here in australia are only just tipping into spring, so no hips at the moment. Laura's baby is a cutie!