Saturday 20 October 2012

Exhibition open

Yesterday I went over to Leamington Spa to see how our exhibition is looking and to take part in the opening session. The event was so popular it was standing room only in the gallery. This photo is less than perfect but it was a bit of a scramble at the time and I was trying to hold the camera over peoples' heads! The delicate piece suspended from the ceiling is by Eszter Bornemisza from Hungary.

I couldn't even get into the packed room and had to stand on a staircase outside! At least I could hear what was being said and I contented myself with poking my camera through the doorway to get this shot of Laura's quilt, 'Don't Go' behind the curator as she welcomed everyone to the exhibition.

The two striking pieces to the right of Laura's are by Elizabeth Barton from the USA.

Here's Annabel Rainbow chatting with a visitor while fellow artists Alicia Merrett and Sandra Meech are deep in conversation. You'll recognise the three quilts from Annabel's 'Life' series if you've seen our two most recent videos on DMTV. The gallery was quiet at this point because everyone else was in an adjoining room listening to Elizabeth Brimelow speak about her work.

It's a rather grand room isn't it? This is Royal Leamington Spa after all! You can't tell from this view through the doorway but we packed this room too and some people had travelled considerable distances to be there. Unless anyone knows different I think Penny wins the prize by flying in from Toulouse!

Laura was sad not to be there yesterday but exhibition openings are always about meeting and chatting rather than appreciating the art. When Amelie is old enough for the car journey we shall visit and take time to really look at the quilts. They are there until January 13th and well worth a visit!

Hope you're enjoying your weekend - talk to you soon, Linda


  1. Toulouse???? Good grief! Well done Penny. If we ever meet, I'm going to buy you tea and cake as a prize. I'm quite taken aback.

  2. Congratulations to all. What a wonderful opening.