Tuesday 16 October 2012

Glorious autumn

I know I moaned about the approach of winter and how I don't like the dark days but today, when the sun is shining brightly, there are glorious compensations to be found in the garden!

Can you believe the colour of this dogwood? It lifts my spirit every time I see it.

And of course my favourite Forest Pansy is looking glorious although it's impossible to do it justice when it won't keep still long enough to be photographed on a windy day like today.

And just in case you haven't noticed yet that my favourite colour is red, here is the rather exotic looking bloom of the Ricinus Carmencita outside the conservatory window. This one is just for Graham who was curious to know what the plant was. I believe it has sinister properties - but I promise you we grow them because we like how they look!

It's a big week for us because the Through Our Hands exhibition opens in Leamington Spa on Thursday. I'll be one of the artists giving a short presentation on Friday afternoon and so I've been sorting out the bits and pieces I'll take along for the visitors to see. The theme of my quilts in the gallery is moths so this panel in paper, stitch and wax will suit.

I usually only wax the paper but this time I included some of the stitch and the buttons. It all helps integrate the different elements.

This is a detail of a panel that still needs a lot of stitching but I may try to do that on Friday. I shall find out a couple of small quilts to pass around the audience and as many examples of printed moths as I can find.

These are monoprints on top of screen prints. I haven't found a use for them yet but their time will come when the moment is right.

I wondered if I had overstepped the mark with all the baby photos lately but I have been castigated heartily for leaving Amelie out of the last blog post. To make up for the omission today I'll give you two! Here she is doing her Wee Willy Winkie impression. Looking quite chubby now don't you think?

And finally, just to prove that a girl's never too young for a few frills. Actually they should be a bit lower but I'm sure she'll fit them properly very soon!

Thanks for reading this and I hope to meet some of you at the exhibition on Friday. Bye for now, Linda


  1. She is so gorgeous, I can definately see a likeness. Jealous of the cuddles!

  2. I love your panel with the stiches!

  3. I love autumn and especially all the glorious, rich reds and golds. Just back from a few days in UK and looking forward to getting outside with my camera tomorrow to capture some autumn colour. Good luck with the exhibition.

  4. Gosh, I can see the difference in Amelie! I have been buying pink frilly things too. I was in Mothercare rather a long time, and one of the assistants came up to me and said "excuse me, are you a new grandmother? First child? Little girl?" How could she tell???

    Thank you for the photo of the red flowery Ricinus photo too - I'd have never guessed it from G's description!! He was very taken with them.

    Your talk on Friday is going to be fascinating - all those samples etc will make a wonderful show; thank you so much xx Look forward to seeing you on Friday.

  5. I wish I could come on Friday but sadly 'Day Job' needs me! So hope all goes well and enjoy!

    Hilary G

  6. Glorious! Amelie is growing beautifully:)

  7. I was all set to gush about the glorious fall photos and your moth pages. Then I saw the photos of you and Amelie. To heck with art and color! What a little bundle of goodness. Wishing you a successful exhibit and much fun. (My dogwood trees have brilliant red berries that are like holly berries. So pretty with the leaves. This year the Forest Pansy Redbud had seed pods! Dark burgundy pods that look like pea or locust pods.)

  8. I love the baby pics too! Keep them coming!
    I am on the eastern coast (inland a bit) of US and we have tons of leaves too - beautiful color abounds here. Check out my blog for what I am doing with all the leaves. I am trying to "save" some of the season to play with this winter.