Wednesday, 3 April 2013

Creative Sketchbook Course

I expect many of you know that Laura and I have offered a variety of online courses for the last 13 years. A little while ago I received a request from one of the students who had recently finished our online Creative Sketchbooks - she was wondering how fellow students were interpreting the course. We have students all over the world and for many it is a welcome opportunity to take a course that would otherwise be unavailable to them. While some love the independence and freedom of working from home I guess the downside is not being able to see how your own work compares. A very recent graduate (just this morning!) has kindly allowed me to show you a selection of her work. Berit lives in Norway and tells me she has really enjoyed her time with us! Here in no particular order are a few of her pages.

Some of the first activities are inspired by the kitchen!!

Students are encouraged to introduce their own favourite themes. On this page Berit used stencils and pastel to create these lovely positive and negative shapes of dragonfly.

How about this for high drama with a few well chosen pots on a table!

What is it about colourful, patterned jugs? Irresistible shapes aren't they - I can't be the only one who loves them!

Paper cutting and folding reveals the page below. Think children's' pop-up book and you'll get the idea!

Combining print techniques with a limited colour palette for graphic effect.

Making your own sketchbooks is fun and the perfect place to show off your printing skills.

Stitched spine bindings work beautifully for simple book construction.

Hope you've enjoyed seeing just a small selection of work Berit produced for the course. I'll prevail upon other unsuspecting students to share more pages with you soon.

Thanks for dropping by today! Talk to you soon - Linda


  1. Absolutely fabulous book Berit! Love it.

  2. Absolutely gorgeous. I loved the course and continue to draw from it, if you'll excuse the pun!

  3. What a treat to see Berit's lovely work - very talented!

  4. Berti created beautiful pages! I love the flip out spoons. Well done, Berti!

  5. Inspiring and beautiful pages, bringing me back to the sketchbooking days.