Wednesday, 10 April 2013

Fair exchange I'd say!

OK, may as well face it, I'll never be thin! Made cherry, raisin and lemon muffins today and unless someone comes to visit very soon (10 minutes or less!) I may resort to eating the lot! Already tried one and yes, with that lemon glaze on the top they are as good as they look!

Amelie and I have been left to our own devices for a few hours while Laura gets her hair done. She of course is too young to eat cake but she watched my every mouthful like a hawk. Made me feel rather guilty which is probably why I stopped at just the one!

It's not all baby sitting - enjoyable as that is. Over the last few days I've been trying out Derwent Inktense blocks in an altered book. Laura bought me a box from the show a couple of weeks ago when I stayed home because of the snow and she felt bad about me missing all the fun. She knows how much I like the pencils and thought the blocks would be a treat. I've only just started to work with them but already I see the potential - I love the way the colour sits in the grooves of the gesso. We've recorded a video for DMTV so if you're a member you'll get to see the whole process very soon.

I wanted to prepare a few more pages ready for painting so I popped Amelie in her carrier and took her out to my workroom. It's not easy painting with gesso while you have a wriggling baby strapped to your chest but, you have my word for it, it can be done. I had to stand at a peculiar sideways angle to the table but she watched the painting almost as intently as the muffin eating and liked the brush washing even more.

As you can see she's very happy in the carrier. It's done my back a power of good - all that weight training must be rather like preparing for an arduous expedition or the Olympics!

I've had several comments about the lack of baby pics of late so here's another one for her fans.

The pay off for all the grandmotherly duties is I get my latest waterlily designs printed in super quick time. Here they are still on the printer. Jamie is steaming the panels as I write this and, once fixed they'll be washed, ironed and delivered to me in the morning. Not a bad exchange I'd say!!

Really, really, really can't wait to start quilting these - I'll let you see how they turn out.  Bye for now - Linda


  1. I rarely comment because my old eyes can't read the captcha security mess but I HAD to after seeing that pic of Amelie in her front carrier. WHAT A SMILE!!!!! and the adorable pic of her on the floor surrounded with pillows - her hair wisps looked like the down on a baby duckling's head. OMG so cute. Thanks for the picks and glad I am no where near those muffins!!

  2. I am a big fan of the inktense pencils and would love it if someone would buy me a few of the blocks.

    I found some 'how to' videos via the Derwent site. Worth a look I would say.

  3. Her expression on her face is great in the picture with her blocks. It would be a wonderful image in a quilt. I got Inktense pencils for Christmas this past year and am really enjoying them. Maybe next year, I'll get a set of the blocks. It was difficult to decide between the pencils and the blocks. They should sell a set with both. :)

  4. So cute!! She is going to love being surrounded by all that creativity!

    I love the blocks more than the pencils. They seem so much more alive and useful, especially when you do things like grate them onto wet etc. Looking forward to the video!!

  5. Afraid I also succumbed to some Inktense blocks at the show and just love them. All I need is some more playtime now.

  6. So much to like in the blog today - lovely photos of Amelie, gosh how she is changing and looking the proper little girl already. The fabric looks exciting, so looking forward to seeing the quilting. Last but not least, the muffins make one's mouth water just looking.... is it your own recipe or one in a book, may we know please?