Thursday 11 April 2013

What to do first?

I feel like a child at Christmas - I have so many new toys I don't know what to play with first!

Laura and Jamie delivered my waterlily fabric prints. You can see how well they have translated from the original artwork on the right to the cotton poplin on the left.

The flowers were stencilled using soft pastels onto watercolour paper and I'm really pleased to see how faithfully the quality of the paper's texture has reproduced.

There was room across the width of the fabric for an extra panel so we inverted the original colours of one of the paintings to come up with this version. I now have four of these panels plus a larger version of one. The bigger one will form the middle section of the triptych I'm making for our SiX and Friends' exhibition this summer. It's a LOT of quilting but I expect I'll be OK once I get started. In the meantime I'll work on something smaller to give me some thinking time to plan how I'm going to quilt the waterlilies.

Laura's been looking back through some of her sketchbooks to develop new designs for Fingerprint. This is one of the panels she's chosen - it looks a bit odd here as it's draped over the back of a chair awaiting my attention!

This is another of her designs and it's the one I've decided to work with first. I've just been out to my workroom and layered it up ready for quilting. I'm intending to hand quilt in the evenings while I watch TV so it won't be ready to show you for a while. I want to take time and enjoy the stitching!

I'll let you see how it goes soon. Thanks for dropping by - Linda


  1. The fabrics are gorgeous! Wouldn't the waterlily fabric look fabulous on a chair? I have the perfect chair for it too! I am so impressed with how beautifully Laura and Jamie are able to transform sketchbook pages into cloth. I know that the fabrics that I have purchased from Fingerprint are some of my favorites. Looking forward to seeing the transformation of these cloths. Have fun!

  2. I love your water lily fabric bet you can't wait to get started!keep trying to leave a comment on Laura's blog too but word verification keeps saying no, but I never miss either of your posts. Thank you for such inspiration.

  3. OOh! Just found your lovely blog. The pastel stencilling is beautiful and the resulting water lily fabric gorgeous. I will be visiting again....