Saturday 13 July 2013

Smug Alert!!

I have to warn you that I'm feeling very self satisfied and pleased with myself! I know that's not an admirable trait but I can't help it! Firstly, I've had a birthday this week and was treated to a lovely day out. I was taken to Ludlow for a little retail therapy - more of that later. The farmers' market was on and we were able to watch butter being churned as well as taste many delicious local products. The bread was irresistible even though I'm hard to please because I make all my own bread.

We bought the red onion, rosemary and rock salt loaf - fabulous with the Welsh goats cheese we also couldn't resist! Ludlow is well known as a foodie destination and we could easily have eaten everything  on offer. Thank goodness I don't live there or I'd soon be as big as a house.

There was great music to enjoy in the square in front of the castle walls.

As well as traditional circle dancing. The music was compelling and I was desperate to join in but I suppose it helps if you know the steps!

There was also basket making.

After Ludlow we went on to Stockton Bury Gardens.

Where everything was looking lovely despite the heat.

I can never resist a doorway or an arch and this garden has lots of both.

We had lunch in the sunshine at the Granary restaurant surrounded by shady apple orchards with grazing sheep.

The lovely old farm buildings provide the perfect setting for all the planting.

And even the bird house is thatched with a twiddly lead finial on top!

I'd be hard pressed to choose but I think the dovecote is in one of the loveliest parts of the garden.

The main reason for the trip to Ludlow was that one of my favourite dress shops is there. The plan was to have a birthday treat. Amazingly there was nothing in Oska that appealed to me on the day even though the summer sale was on!!  The only top I liked was too small and would have necessitated surgery so I came home determined to make a couple of things myself. So today I started with the stripy number above.

Then a long T shirt dress just needing its pockets to be finished.

And finally a spotty dress to wear with leggings - the third garment of the day! Oh I do love my overlocker for making everything so quick and easy!! Before you ask, it's a Huskylock s21.

So, three new outfits in the space of a day for a fraction of what I'd have spent at Oska - can't be bad. Now you know why I'm feeling smug!!

Thanks for dropping by - I'll write again soon. Love Linda


  1. Happy Birthday, Linda! You look like a million bucks (or about 500,000 GBP!)...and what a lovely way to celebrate. I can see patterns from birdhouses in your next quilted creations...

  2. Another talented Cancerian! Happy Birthday. Another fiber artist on SAQA just told me her birthday was yesterday. Mine was a couple weeks ago. Lookin' good!

  3. Happy birthday! I love your dresses, what a great pattern. Especially the blue one! Glad you had a sunny treat, what a great place to visit. X

  4. I love Ludlow- my parents-in-law lived there till a couple of years ago. You look very elegant in your hat! Happy Birthday!

  5. Happy Birthday!! After all the work and heavy schedules, it is wonderful to celebrate with a brilliant day away!!!

  6. Happy Birthday, Linda!
    Now I remember from last year that our birthdays are on the same day :o) Love your overlock projects.

  7. Happy Birthday Linda. What a fantastic way to spend your day...but the farmers market would be lethal for me. I am already too short for my weight...probably because of my love of bread...but there's nothing quite like the smell of a freshly baked loaf is there? I also love the garments you made. Is there no end to your creativity?

  8. Belated birthday wishes! You had a fantastic day out to celebrate. The farmer's market looks fabulous! I'd be twitching at the basket maker display trying hard not to buy one. Of course, then I could fill it with bread and Welsh cheese. Your boutique of self made garments is astounding. Love the dotty fabric and they all look comfortable and stylish. The gardens had my nose pressed against the computer screen. I'd love to make a thatched bird feeder like the one in the photo and the dove cote had me drawing out ideas to add one to the pergola. The hat looks fantastic, by the way. Keep celelbrating all month long.