Tuesday 30 July 2013

Sunday School at Trysull

It was a real family affair at the Village Hall on Sunday. Laura welcomed 12 ladies to a workshop involving lots of painting, rubbings, prints and collage. At the other end of the room Jamie was on hand to explain to visitors what the printing process on the wide format printer is all about and Adrian manned the sales table for everyone who came to the pop-up shop.  Behind the scenes in the kitchen my mom and I kept everyone fed and watered with home made cakes and cookies and a salad lunch with lots of our own garden produce. We all took turns to keep Amelie entertained but I think she'd much rather have been let loose with the print blocks and the paints! Must confess I would have loved that too!

The aim of the day was for everyone to produce original artwork that Laura would scan and Jamie would print onto cotton fabric. There were some very exciting results and I really hope we get to see how the fabrics will be used!

I've borrowed these 2 images from Laura's blog but you can see lots more of the work if you head over there.

During our heatwave I've virtually lived in my cotton jersey T shirt dresses. As I've had so many people ask me what pattern I used I've put it here. It's Vogue number V1261 Trouble is I rarely follow a pattern exactly so you'll need a little imagination to understand how I arrived at this blue number from the line drawing of version 'A' below.

It was easy really - just shorten the sleeve length, taper the side seams, lose the pointy hem, increase the length and there you have it. I think the only bit that's true to the pattern is the raglan sleeve! The construction is a cinch, especially if you have an overlocker to make quick work of it. The sleeve pieces are joined to the front and back pieces first and then a single seam is stitched from wrist (or elbow depending on sleeve length) to hem. I bound the neck with a strip of the same fabric but didn't bother with turning hems - just left them overlocked. I'm almost out of jersey fabric right now but as soon as stocks are replenished I'll be making more of these. No fastenings involved, no ironing required and feels as comfortable as wearing a nightie!!

I know, I know, there always seems to be food mentioned in my posts but I don't apologise for showing you the raspberries fresh from the garden. I'm picking a couple of pounds of these every evening and there is a limit to what even I can eat. There will be enough jam for the rest of the year but if anyone has favourite recipes to ring the changes I'd love to hear about them.

The cherries have been just as plentiful but I can only reach the lower branches of our ancient trees so the birds and the squirrels have won that battle.

 What I did pick were eaten fresh or ended up in Clafoutis.

So many of you have written to say you've enjoyed the latest garden inspired videos we've made for DMTV. Thank you so much for all the generous comments about my sketchbook. It means a lot to me to hear that you've been inspired to have a go at drawing and painting after seeing my efforts. I believe we are very lucky people - we can get pleasure and satisfaction from the simple things in life. We don't have to take expensive trips abroad or acquire lavish possessions - we can just sit quietly with a little sketchbook and a pencil and lose ourselves for an hour or two. I don't suppose I'm on my own when I say it brings on a sense of well being. I haven't painted this gloriously velvety sunflower yet but it's on my list!

Thank you for dropping by - talk again soon - Linda


  1. Raspberries freeze well, if they are a bit slushy I make raspberry sauce to pour over your fresh peach melbas. In fact just pour it over vanilla ice cream to make raspberry ripple flavour. Uses up a lot of raspberries - just soften them with caster sugar to taste over a gentle heat and then press through a sieve.

  2. Thanks Jill. I have been freezing lots with a mind to make jam soon. Raspberry sauce on ice cream sounds delicious, especially if peaches and maybe meringues are included!

    Lorraine has also sent me her grandmother's recipe for raspberry gin - that sounds suitably decadent for my sophisticated tastes!

  3. Rasberry Wine, my husband used to make gallons of it when we had lots of Rasberry bushes,gorgeous.
    Love the tops you have been making.

  4. Thanks for the idea of making raspberry wine Carol. I'll research a few recipes and see if I have enough fruit. BTW - made two more tops today!!