Friday 11 October 2013

Another good reason why I'll never be thin!

The apple crop is plentiful but the fruit are small this year.

There are so many lying on the ground it's an ankle breaking trip hazard going to feed the chickens. I hate waste and so I feel guilty every time I see them even though I know the birds will love them as it gets colder. The windfalls attract fieldfares and redwings amongst others - I don't suppose we'd ever see these birds if it weren't for the fallen fruit. Note to self! I hadn't thought to add fieldfares and redwings  to my list of garden birds I plan to paint. I completely forgot about them because they are shy visitors who only appear for a short time. This list is getting longer and longer . What about the cuckoos and the herons? Oh dear - looks as though I'll have to buy more panels!

The little wren fits nicely on a six inch wooden panel but I'm using larger ones for the bigger birds.

Unable to ignore the guilt any longer I did pick a few eaters from the tree nearest the house - the one that makes me most guilty as it's the one I pass most often.

A little while later and we have Tarte Tatin for pudding! Wonder why caramelised apples always taste so much better than just apples? I don't suppose we can justify these as one of our five a day can we? Just to pile on the calories - it goes without saying there has to be creme fraiche!

The cooler weather and darker evenings have made me start knitting again. Here's Amelie in my latest effort. If only she would sit still long enough for you to see it! Sorry about the blur - that's my favourite chapatti roller she's brandishing wildly. Who needs a drum kit when you have a mixing bowl and a rolling pin?

I've made this bolero with the lovely curved back several times before but this time I've crocheted short sleeves for a change. It's lovely to make baby things because they are finished before you have time to get bored. This was one of Laura's hand dyed merino and cashmere yarns and a joy to work with.

Once I get into knitting mode I can't stop - I've already made a start on the next project. It's a lovely cardigan in indigo blue tweed yarn. This is aran weight so will grow very quickly. The weekend weather is looking a bit dodgy so there may well be plenty of time to get it finished!

Thanks for dropping by - talk again soon, Linda


  1. Lovely that my former tutor is also a knitter. :-) I've been one for over 50 years. No grand-babies yet but Christmas gift requests are in... and started!

  2. I love watching the changing season and the changing bird population. We are on a migration route, so there are always surprises as to who drops by. The Sandhill Cranes flew over this week on their way south. The vireos and warblers arrived, and soon I'll hear the tsk tsk of the Juncos and the shy Towhee. I now have a great nephew to knit for and you are so right about how quickly baby things knit up. Amelie is growing so quickly. She is so adorable. Wishing you a wonderful week and don't worry about the calories, life is too short. :)