Sunday 20 October 2013

Seeking perfection

Oh well, maybe perfection's a bit strong - I'll settle for improvement though.

I think I may have a new obsession! Not content with my regular everyday bread recipe I'm experimenting with as many different ones as I can find. You know how you start to get blase and don't actually follow the recipe as carefully you used to? Little discrepancies creep in and the results can be variable. This loaf turned out rather well and was voted the best of the week. Sad to say I used a recipe from a TV chef I can't stand. I won't mention any names but you may recognise who I mean when I tell you he loves himself and his twinkly blue eyes too much for my liking and he's very fond of hair gel! That aside I shall be repeating this recipe again in today's breadmaking session.

It's been a week of tying up loose ends. I finished the jacket for Amelie and as you can see it was a hit with her. It's turned out a bit bigger than I expected - a danger of not making a tension square beforehand! Do as I say not what I do dear readers! Never mind, it should keep her warm all winter until she grows into those long sleeves.

I also finished the machine quilting and attached the binding and sleeve to this piece which has been hanging around for far too long. Now it's ready for some hand stitching to slightly fragment the text and provide a bit more texture to the surface of the quilt. The picture shows just a section but I'll let you see the whole thing when it's done.

This week members of DMTV will have seen how I made this blackbird painting with acrylic paint onto a wooden panel. It's the latest addition to my new project - I'm well on the way to recording all the different birds I see in my garden.

Imagine how thrilled I was to to see how DMTV member Sally in Tasmania used the same medium and techniques to produce her own beautiful bird panel. Well done Sally - I love it!

I'll write again soon - thanks for dropping by - Linda


  1. The bread looks delicious. I was gifted 50 pounds of potatoes, so I think some of my Gram's potatoe bread is needed. (Pun intended.) Amelie continues to grow more adorable with each photo you share. I love the sweater you knit and wouldn't mind one in my size! I love the colors in the quilt. The fabric has long been a favorite of mine. The crow is wonderful and I saw Sally's painting on FB and was inspired. Now to muck out the craft room and find the paint! Have a wonderful and creative week.

  2. Hi Jeannie,
    Laura said the same thing about the sweater but I'm not so keen on tackling adult sized versions - takes too long! Thanks for commenting and have fun painting!