Saturday 22 February 2014

Making progress

After a great day printing in the studio this week I've layered up the Breton boat fabric and started the quilting. It's exciting to block print onto an existing image as you never quite know how it will turn out. I've used one of my favourite traditional designs, Storm at Sea - seemed an appropriate choice for my boat and beach theme!  I've kept the paint layer delicate so not to completely obliterate what lies beneath. The hand of the fabric is also far nicer if the added paint is not too heavy.

It's amazing how a bit of stitch transforms everything isn't it? What was a floppy, thin fabric is suddenly looking like it might one day be a quilt! I'm working this by hand using Madeira Lana threads and although I've only just begun, already I can see how the quilting is adding definition to the shapes and introducing a pleasing surface texture. Just a matter of making time now!

I know it's a bit of a cliche but everyone says how quickly children grow up don't they? How can it be that our darling baby grandchild is already striding off into the garden seeking adventure? If you're a doting grandma like me and you haven't seen the latest photos of Amelie on Laura's blog you might like to take a quick visit. It can't only be me who thinks she's adorable!

Just a short post today as I would rather be stitching than sitting at a computer - I'm sure you understand that feeling! Talk to you again soon, Linda


  1. Adorable!
    The quilt's looking good too......................

  2. Thank you Marion - on both counts!

  3. Your work continues to inspire me, Linda! Playing with grids, stamps and stencils this week, sampling. Amelie seems to have selected some branches for you to turn into a textile piece, eh? ;-)

  4. I think on of the biggest joys in art making is seeing how the surface tension changes when stitch is added. I know this is why I love antique quilts. All the hills and dales add to their beauty. Your stamped blocks look beautiful stitched. Amelia is adorable and I love watching her grow through your's and Laura's photos. I can imagine that you have a photo of your girls at this same age bringing you treasures from outdoors. I know I have one of my bringing bouquets of dandelions and buttercups with a pansy thrown in for pop. Have a wonderful week!