Wednesday 12 February 2014

Six feet high and rising

If you're in the UK I don't need to tell you how bad the weather has been for weeks now. Even if you don't live here it probably hasn't escaped your notice that we're having a hard time. Our house has been flooded three times in the past so I have every sympathy with beleaguered souls across the country right now. It's a horrible feeling to find your home invaded by water and unless it's happened to you, most people wouldn't be aware that it's not just rainwater or river water but filthy stuff from overloaded drains or the kind that flows from saturated fields complete with pesticides, fertilisers and animal waste. Urrgghr!

This is the local river today. Looks rather like oxtail soup!

The little troll bridge which we use to reach Laura's house normally has about a metre of space between the metal supports and the surface of the river but is now partially submerged.

I wonder how long snowdrops can survive under water?

Something tells me this footpath won't see many folk pass through - not unless they are wearing waders!

Don't worry about us - we are keeping our heads above water and keeping busy. We've only lost one fence panel and two panels of the roof of the cow shed so far so it could be worse! I'll be posting work very soon so thanks for reading and please drop by again soon. Linda x


  1. It appears to be a worldwide thing. The US is under tons of snow and here in australia we are boiling and burning. Like you, we are pretty safe where we are, but the smoke is thick and makes things difficult. At least you can still trip across the footbridge, but I hope it improves soon, for all of us.

  2. Oh goodness! Hoping it gets no worse for you and those around you! We've had a deep freeze for 2 weeks ...not much new snow, lots of wind (and drifting) but nothing like flooding or fires...May things improve everywhere soon!!

  3. I hope the waters don't reach your homes- it has been such a terrible time for so many. We have escaped the floods, but were pretty battered by the wind yesterday, but still we are very aware that we have been more fortunate here than many poor souls around the country. Best wishes.x

  4. As everyone has said, it is like the weather needs some sort of medication. We had one of the coldest and driest winters ever. Nothing compared to other parts of the world, but odd. I hope the waters receed soon and the snowdrops bounce back.