Wednesday 26 February 2014

Stitching frenzy

I never do anything by halves and quilting is no exception. I can't help having an obsessive streak and once I start stitching by hand I find it hard to stop. Just one more shape, one more length of thread and then I'll put it away and go cook dinner or go to bed or whatever - or maybe I'll just do a little bit more to see what that different thread colour looks like ..........

I'm liking how the white Madeira Lana thread is bringing a spark of life to the dark areas of the print. I hadn't planned to use so much white but it's turning out to be the best choice. Makes me think of the froth and foam of the Breton seaspray in bright sunlight.

The sandy coloured thread is much more discreet in the low-key areas.

I've applied a short Hemingway quote to the top of the quilt using painted Bondaweb. I'm looking forward to wrapping each of the letter shapes with more hand stitch but all the background will be free motion, machine quilted.

I have a deadline to meet with this quilt so it's a good job I'm enjoying the quilting however, the lovely sunshine did manage to prise me away from my stitching and out of the house for a brief walk today. This little casualty caught my eye and came home with me to be arranged less than elegantly in a milk bottle.

There are strict rules about picking wild flowers but I don't think that anyone will notice the loss of one tiny broken snowdrop when the banks of the lanes are clothed so generously!

Thanks for dropping by - Linda


  1. Your photo of the snowdrop in the milk bottle is stunning

  2. As usual, your piece is coming along beautifully!!!

  3. Funny to think of a snowdrop as a wild flower, but I suppose they are over there, wild. Here they are strictly in gardens, or abandoned ones. Lovely

  4. Hi Linda, I'm intrigued to know if you do your hand stitching with a quilting frame or completely free hand. I can never see a frame in the photos. I can't get comfortable using a frame myself so am tempted to discard it.