Friday 3 October 2014

Little things mean a lot

It's probably an insignificant event in the grand scheme of things but my new floor is making me very happy today!

With the room empty it feels like a dancefloor! Maybe I should leave it like this and just have parties in there?

Deciding I'd better be more practical I've started to move my art books back in. The room isn't big enough to house my sewing books as well, they have to be kept in the house. It may not be an original idea but I thought I'd amuse myself by arranging the books by the colour of their spines. Who'd have thought I'd have quite so many blue books?

Or that there would be so many black ones? I used to work in libraries when I was younger. Dewey decimal was never this much fun although I expect you could find what you're looking for more often.

I found another whole box of painting panels - have to start on these as soon as I find the paints again.

The only good thing about being barred from the studio for a day or two is that I spent a lot of time in the kitchen. Yesterday's bread used Matthews' Cotswold 8 grain flour and turned out remarkably well. I'll be using that again!

Back to the coalface now - talk to you again once I emerge from the heaps of stuff. Love Linda


  1. The floor is looking good! If you are anything like me, the challenge will be how to arrange things so it can still be seen!
    My husband picked up the 8 grain flour the other day, so that is next on my list to try, but I need more yeast first.

  2. Hi Sandy - I think you'll enjoy the 8 grain bread - it feels wholesome and healthy too!

  3. Your new floor is fabulous as is your wonderful, wonderful work room. What a joy to work in such a lovely environment.
    I love the idea of colour coded book arranging. I think you might be onto a marketing ploy there. I went and had a look at my own art books. Lots of blues and black, quite a bit of red/pink, tiny tiny bit of yellow - and no green at all. What have we got against greens and yellows?

  4. Hi Hilary - what a coincidence. I only had one yellow book too! Are we both against yellow or is it not considered a good choice for art books I wonder. I did beat you with green - only 4 though.