Thursday 2 October 2014

Oh the joys of renovations

If you've read our newsletter today you'll already know that Laura and I are both living in a state of chaos at the moment. Her situation is far worse than mine as it involves considerable changes to her whole property. At the moment there is a trench around her house that makes it hazardous to attempt entry and the cats are learning to be quite acrobatic. You're never quite sure if there'll be water or electricity when you visit but she's a stoic under pressure. I on the other hand am merely having a new floor in my workroom. How hard can that be?

Well, it took the best part of 2 days to empty everything out. The garage is full to bursting so the overflow has had to go into the conservatory and guest bedroom.

This is a small example of the heaps. It's hard to believe that all this stuff ever fitted into that small room. I've always thought students' excuses for lack of work when they've packed up to move house sounded a bit lame but I had to be more sympathetic yesterday when I could find a sketchbook but had no idea where to lay my hands on a pencil.

There is a positive side to the temporary upheaval of course - I have discovered lots of things I didn't remember I had! Just look at all those painting panels - I need to get the paints out asap! Laura tells me I should have a serious cull on what finds its way back in but you know how it is - as soon as you throw something out it's bound to become exactly what you need.

This isn't a pretty sight right now but the preparation is underway and I'm promised it will all look beautiful by the end of the day. I do love a good move around and I've had sleepless nights planning where everything will go. I'm really looking forward to getting my easel out and my machines set up again!!

I'll let you see the transformation once we've hauled all my bits and pieces back in.

Thanks for reading - Love Linda


  1. You have my sympathies! Last year we built a garden/studio building for me and then this year a complete overhaul of the house structure - siding, roof, paint, patio roof, furnace and a/c unit. I am so glad not to have workmen hanging around all day! Your room is beautiful and that view of the garden is wonderful. Looking forward to the "after" photos.

  2. I chuckle to read these posts about your renovations. In the romanticized way of Canadians, I gasp (if only briefly) ...not really knowing...seeing England as a repository of Olde Buildings...and knowing the horror and sadness of losing ours (many not even a century old have turned to dust) it is a bit of a revelation to see that you folks renovate...not worrying...and perhaps the buildings weren't that "olde" after all... ;-) How foolish we can be when we make assumptions! Hope Order arises from Chaos sooner rather than later! :-) Blessings!