Friday, 19 June 2015

Not to be outdone

If you follow Laura's blog you'll know she's in dressmaking mode. It must be something in the air 'cause my younger daughter is being really creative in that way too. Not to be outdone I've spent a couple of hours each day over the past 3 days to make a new outfit.

Here's a view of the dress front.

And the back.

I always love Marci Tilton's designs for Vogue.

And I'll be making the the long sleeved T shirt that's included in this pattern over and over again. Took me all of an hour to cut it out and sew it together tonight! Brilliant!

This is the little baby that makes it all so possible. My Husqvarna overlocker. If you're serious about dressmaking then you just have to have an overlocker. I bought one for my younger daughter's birthday last year and she says it's the best present she's ever had!

I'm feeling very satisfied about my dressmaking tonight - hope you are finding time to be creative too!

Love Linda x


  1. Have heard a lot and seen a lot lately about overlockers. Have I got it right that you use it to sew knitted jersey fabrics together and for standard woven fabrics like cotton you would use a normal sewing machine. Do you prefer jersey fabrics then to cottons for dressmaking? Am wondering wether to invest in one but my experience of dressmaking up to now has only been with cottons and linens.

  2. Seriously tempted by an overlocker and to get back into dress making. Oh for more time, less work, the ability to survive on less sleep, a magic pill that makes all this happen .......

  3. Hi Jacqui - an overlocker is perfect for jersey fabrics but you can sew pretty much any fabric on it. I finish all my quilted cushions (which are usually made of cotton) with an overlocked edge as it looks so much more professional than a simple zig zag stitch. I also use it for cotton and linen clothes. I think you'd love one!

  4. Living to work, working to live - if you find out how to get any of those things please let me know where!

  5. I really like her patterns as well so different

  6. lovely dress Linda. Is the fabric jersey?

  7. You have prompted me to get my overlocker out of a cupboard, don't think I've used it for 20 years! I have also bought the Marci Tilton pattern as it looks so great, my kind of dress.

  8. OOO…love the dress on you. I bought the pattern a couple months ago and now, after seeing it on you, I'm determined to make it!