Monday 29 June 2015

More drawing and sewing this week

Laura and I produce a new video for DMTV every week. That's a pretty effective incentive to make best use of any creative time we can find. Sometimes we simply make a video about whatever project we happen to be involved with at the time but more often than not we devise a new idea just for our viewers. That may sound as though it would be a complete diversion from our own work but in practice it is a powerful stimulus and often leads us in unexpected directions we might not otherwise take.

If you'd have told me last week that I'd be drawing gooseberries in every spare minute I'd have been dubious but they're as good a subject as any I suppose. The gooseberries in our garden are not quite ready for picking yet but they'll soon be perfect for crumble and the inevitable custard. He who gardens loves his nursery puddings and it's a bonus if I can draw the ingredients (and make a video) before I cook them! I may even ask Laura and Jamie to print me some fabric from my drawings - they'd make very summery cushion panels for the conservatory.

As you know, I always love to see pieces inspired by our videos. I'd like to thank Liz for allowing me to share the photo of her recent work. These lovely panels were inspired by the recent DMTV video on transfer printing. Looks like she got a bit carried away with the technique but Liz intends to sell them in aid of the Linus project and I'm sure they'll be popular! Good luck with the sales Liz!

We've had lovely warm weather for a few days, and the garden has been demanding, but I had a couple of hours to myself this morning and rather than more planting or weeding (or obsessively drawing yet more goosegogs) I ran this top up for Laura.

She'd cut up a favourite old top to use as a pattern. Once again, the overlocker made short work of the sewing and it turned out quite well considering we had no proper pattern and just a couple of £1 remnants from the Rag Market! My favourite dress shop has its summer sale right now but even at sale prices they can't compete with that!

We're promised the hottest day of the year so far tomorrow. No doubt it will all end in tears and thunderstorms before the week is out. It's the English way after all.

Talk to you again soon - bye for now,


  1. Love the panels that Liz has done, all so very different and yet from the same design idea. And love the top for Laura, although I doubt she will be wearing it this weekday to the heat!

  2. First, I want to thank you and Laura for all the effort you put into DMTV. As a subscriber since the beginning, I am amazed at the diversity, creativity, and amazing talent you both possess. I can only imagine the "behind the scenes" energy expelled to produce a weekly show. I have been saving up my shows for the hotter than heck days we get in July/August. This year they came early - timed perfectly with equipment failure with our provider. Three weeks of no internet, temps over 100, and no DMTV equates to a grumpy me. Thankfully the internet is back, the heat may abate in October, and I can get back to DMTV. So, thank you so much for all that goes into keeping me amused and creative. Love the top and I cannot wait 'til the next show.

  3. Hi Liza - you're right about the heat this week. I don't know how anyone survives this humidity for longer than a few days. Luckily we have Amelie's paddling pool to dangle our poor hot feet in! Not really the weather for ironing hand dyed fabrics that's for sure.

  4. Hi Jeannie,
    Thank you for such generous comments . It's people like you who make all our hard work feel worthwhile! Take care during the heat of the summer and we both hope you'll keep enjoying the videos.