Sunday 12 March 2017

Poppy Seedheads and Another Printed Sketchbook

It's been quite springlike lately - enough to encourage me into the garden for a brief spell tidying up.

I found these little treasures while I was weeding. Isn't nature wonderful, even in destruction?

This enormous heap of canvasses and wooden panels arrived this week. I must be feeling very optimistic! All I've done so far is to add the first coat of gesso to one panel - it's a start I suppose.

Laura must be thinking I'm idling my time away - she presented me with another of her 

There are some lovely pages and my task is to add my own work to them.

I'm just looking and thinking about the pages at the moment.

But we had a fun monoprinting session a few days ago and I'm pretty sure some of the prints will find a home in the book!
Thanks for reading today - I'll be back soon. 
Linda x


  1. I can see those pages printed on fabric!!!

  2. Great Minds Robbie! We already did some of that! I'm working on the fabric version right now and if it turns out OK it'll soon be a DMTV video. Watch this space!

  3. Linda do you have a preferred supplier for your canvases? I find some of the ones you can buy on the high street are a bit on the flimsy side. I often use them to mount stitched pieces on but they can look cheap so end up letting down the carefully crafted artwork.

  4. Hi Jacqui - I always prefer to buy an artist quality product for my work. I usually buy online from or and choose Winsor and Newton or Daler Rowney although their own brands are really good too.