Sunday 5 March 2017

Saturday is Market Day

Things are looking up in our local market - there's now a patchwork stall!

Good luck to Emma - she should do well as there are lots of quilting groups around here.

Our favourite busker was there doing his thing too. His name is Joshua Sole and he's good! No idea how he manages to play guitar wearing gloves but, needs must - it was cold again!

Back home I'm putting some pens and pencils through their paces. We're going to be introducing some arty starter kits in the DMTV shop soon and we need to make illustrations for the instruction booklets that will be included. I've recreated the little bee that I added to Laura's printed sketchbook page but worked him here on plain white paper so there's not so much distraction. Once he's been photographed for the booklet I suspect I'll add lots of luscious colour - I just can't help myself!

Have a good weekend - Linda x


  1. I love the bee and I'm excited about the prospect of arty starter kits. I wonder how much fabric I could fit into my market basket? I could always wrap veggies in cloth to keep them from bruising. LOL!

  2. Hi Jeannie - I'm not the best customer for fabric as Laura and I like to dye,print or paint our own but I love to see lots available for everyone else. I'm pleased you like the sound of the kits - at the moment we're working on putting together an introductory kit for our favourite monoprinting and one for drawing. The kits won't be ready for a while yet as we want to design a booklet with illustrations and our top tips. Lots to do before everything is ready to go to print but you know us, we like to be busy!

  3. Hello. Your fabrics are vibrant colors. I like your goods very much

  4. Thanks Linda - Really good vibe on the market at Bridgnorth - Hopefully see you again soon. Emma x

  5. Hi Emma - we shop there most weeks and we're friends with Stuart on the next stall so I'm sure you'll get tired of seeing me!